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    Beautybank offers all types of waxing for men and women, using Austrailian Body care warm strip wax with Tea Tree extract to promote skin healing, making the wax here at Beautybank suitable for all skin types.
    To get the best results please ensure the hair to be removed is a minimum of 1/4cm in length.

    Full Leg  £25.00

    Full Leg & Bikini £33.00

    Three Quater Leg £20.00

    Half Leg £18.00

    Standard Bikini Line (hair outside the bikini area only) £12.00

    Extended Bikini Line £15.00

    Brazilian (Most hair removed landing strip left at front) £24.00

    Hollywood (all hair removed) £30.00

    Playboy (all hair removed front to back area) £40.00

    Upper Lip £10.00

    Lip and Chin £15.00

    Eyebrows, Lip And Chin £22.00

    Chin £10.00

    Eyebrows £10.00

    Full Arm £18.00

    Forearm £15.00

    Underarm £11.00

    Chest or Back £21.00

    Chest and Back £36.00